Commentary Guidelines

This project substantially focuses on the work that is done in our discussion group. Our group is comprised of students, professors, community members and numerous trans and radical feminist activists, authors and speakers who submit commentary response pieces to  Conversation installmentsinterviews, and group discourse. These commentary pieces are peer-reviewed and, if approved, are published in Instersections: a Journal of Trans and Radical Feminism. Once our project has run its course, the resulting Conversation series, interviews and commentary will be published as an anthology.

Submission Guidelines

  • Only commentary from our group will be considered.
  • There is no need to pitch commentary ideas to us.
  • Please ensure that your submission is complete prior to submitting it.

Style Guidelines

  • Your submission should include:
    • A cover page
    • An abstract of 250 words or less
    • Up to 4 keywords (or tags)
    • A short bio of 250 words or less
    • Your contact information (on the submission form and submission file)
    • A link to the Conversation essay, interview or group post for which you are submitting commentary
  • Please use Chicago style citations
  • Use standard fonts (ie, Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, or Helvetica.)

Your commentary should be in a rtf, doc, docx, or txt formats. Please do not submit PDFs.