Suggested Reading

Below you will find both trans and radical feminist literature that we feel will deepen and edify any conversation about the intersection of the trans and radical feminist experience. [mashshare]


Woman Hating By: Andrea Dworkin Pages: 224

Notes: Published in 1974, Dworkin lays out a trans inclusive radical feminism in lucid prose that manages to be unflinching, sumptuous and practical all at once.


Sex in Question: French Materialist Feminism By: by Lisa Adkins (Editor), Diana Leonard (Editor) Pages: 216

Notes: The radical feminist tradition that animated Dworkin, MacKinnon and Wittig has, in some significant ways, been lost to anglophone cultures. This important work makes accessible this radical feminist tradition – a tradition which views both sex and gender as being social constructs – back to the English-speaking feminist world.


Adam’s Rib By: Ruth Herschberger Pages: 236

Notes: First published in 1948, Ruth Herschberger critiques the assumptions we make about a natural male/female body binary.

Divided Sisterhood: A Critical Review of Janice Raymond’s Transsexual Empire By: Carol Riddell Pamphlet

Notes: Published in 1980, Riddell critiques Raymond’s Transsexual Empire for its factual inaccuracies and speaks to the way Raymond’s brand of “feminism” works to divide feminists.

The Straight Mind: And Other Essays By: Monique Wittig Pages: 132

Notes: Published in 1992, Wittig’s collection of essays and lectures examines the way patriarchy is intertwined in our binary body categories.

Right Wing Women By: Andrea Dworkin Pages: 255

Notes: Published in 1983, Dworkin examines the behavior of women who passionately support anti-feminism.

Sexing the Body By: Anne Fausto-Sterling Pages: 496

Notes: Published in 2000, Fausto-Sterling examines the way bodies are made to fit into cultural stereotypes of male and female.

Delusions of Gender By: Cordelia Fine Pages: 338

Notes: Published in 2010, Fine provides an invaluable critique of the way cultural bias influences neurological gender research. While Fine conflates gender identity with role from time to time, her review of gender research is must-have for gender conversations.

Female Masculinity By: J. Halberstam Pages: 329

Notes: Published in 1998, Halberstam offers a queer perspective of gendered pedagogy and praxis as it relates to masculinity in female-identified individuals.

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