These slides are meant to offer simple visual tools that can be used to make nuances in theory, rhetoric and ideology apparent. [mashshare]

Ruth Herschberger’s Critique, 1948

RH-3 drawit-diagram-1

Questions to Consider: Herschberger’s Critique

  • How are sexed body binaries promoted, maintained and used within our culture?
  • How many men have breast reduction surgery each year?
  • How many women have breast augmentation surgery each year?
  • What other types of surgeries might cisgender MAAB and FAAB people elect to have in order to construct, enhance and/or accentuate what are taken to be normal/natural sexed attributes?
  • How much money is spent each year in the US alone on body sculpting workout equipment, hair styling, perfumes/colognes, makeup, etc?

Media to Consider: The Body binary

Why being 6ft 2in tall makes it hard to be a woman by Jes Fernie for The Guardian:

Every bit of social cueing pitched me as an aberration. Every film I had seen, every advertisement, every relationship I witnessed, taught me that the natural order of things is that a woman looks up to a man. This relation of small to tall is so elaborately enshrined in the minutiae of daily life that it is pretty hard to unravel. It sets up a pattern of well-honed oppositional binaries: protector/ protected, masculine/feminine, powerful/powerless. It dictates who we are attracted to, and how our fantasies are constructed. The archetypal photo of a male-female couple (his arm around her, her head nuzzled against his chest) speaks volumes about the strict code of behaviour expected of each sex.

Differences & Similarities

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Questions to Consider: Differences & Similarities

  • What historical events exemplify the above differences and similarities?
  • How might difficulties arise from misunderstanding regarding rhetoric and analytic framework

Sex Essentialist Rhetoric vs Reality

O1 drawit diagram2

Questions to Consider: Essentialist Rhetoric vs Reality

  • Why might it be important to sex essentialist discourse to erase sex essentialist violence and victim blame?
  • How might Raymond’s account support sex essentialism?